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The world is changing quickly and schools are unable to keep up. They are preparing children for a world that no longer exists. Our courses help close that gap, preparing children for the jobs of the future. We focus on the practical uses of AI in learning, creativity, and the workplace. Students learn how AI works and how to use AI safely and effectively. Interactive, hands-on activities and discussions enhance their skills and show them how AI can supercharge their learning and make them more competitive in a quickly changing workplace.

We teach children how AI can be used to improve your skills in:
➔ coding
➔ writing
➔ mathematics
➔ science
➔ general knowledge
➔ critical reasoning, logic and technical skills
➔ learning how to learn faster and more effectively

Students will work on various projects, including a big project that they will present at the end. The course concludes with a quiz and certificates.

You'll be amazed at how quickly you can learn and how much you can achieve in a short time when you know how to wield the power of AI!

Parent course is designed to equip parents with the necessary understanding and tools to navigate the evolving digital landscape, ensuring their children are prepared for a future intertwined with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Signing up for the course includes access to the latest AI models in ChatGPT Plus, including DALL-E.

ChatGPT and other AI for Primary (Elementary) School Students

Length: 10 weeks

Ages: 8 - 11 (UK Year 4 - 6)

Examples of activities:
➔ AI storytelling with the AI as an assistant writer and illustrator
➔ AI in games and puzzles
➔ AI as a teacher explaining English, Mathematics, Science, and History
➔ AI safety, ethics, and future uses

Mastering ChatGPT and AI Tools for Secondary (High) School Students

Length: 10 weeks

Ages: 11 - 18 (UK Secondary School)

Examples of activities:
➔ Crafting effective prompts to get tailored information and writing that matches you and your style
➔ Differences between different AI models, custom GPTs, and their uses in writing and art
➔ Using code interpreter for programming and data analysis
➔ AI as a teacher and tutor explaining challenging concepts and identifying gaps in your understanding
➔ AI uses in everyday life and in the workplace
➔ AI safety, ethics, and future uses

AI for Parents: Guiding Your Child's Future

Length: 3 hours, including Q&A

Who should attend: Parents, guardians, and anyone interested in leveraging AI to support a child's learning and development

Background: No technical expertise is required - just an eagerness to learn about AI's role in our future

What you'll learn:
➔ How AI works and an overview of the different technologies available.
➔ How AI is changing university education and the job market.
➔ Using AI to enhance and support a child's learning in all subjects, including coding, writing, mathematics, science, creative arts, and fostering creativity and critical thinking.
➔ The potential for AI as a personal tutor.
➔ Guidance on navigating AI usage with a focus on ethical considerations, responsible use, and how to keep you and your child safe.

Practical AI Applications in the Classroom for Teachers

Length: 4 day workshop (can be spread over multiple weeks)

Suitable: Teachers, educators, or interested professionals

Examples of activities:
➔ How AI works and how students are using it
➔ Advanced ChatGPT and DALL-E prompting
➔ AI in class preparation and curriculum creation
➔ AI-generated images for powerpoint, websites, and teaching material
➔ AI as a teaching assistant and tutor
➔ AI as a writing aid
➔ AI safety, ethics, and future uses